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Our Pricing: Our Prices are based on time, type of critter, size, type of coat, and condition of the pet at time of service.

Products We Use: Our products are all natural and picked with the utmost care for your pet. We choose from a variety of shampoos and conditioners and after assessing the condition of your pet's skin and coat, will use the best product for your pet.

The best way to care for your pets is to groom them on a regular basis every 6 to 8 week. If your pets are not on a regular grooming schedule, please call us to set up a recurring appointment.

We offer the following grooming services:
  • Breed cuts - finished style to your specification
  • Medicated flea baths
  • Teeth brushing
Basic grooming service:
  • Brushing out the coat
  • bathing with all natural shampoo
  • drying
  • trimming nails
  • nail grinding
  • cleaning ears